Annual Health & Wellness Benefits Conference

9th Annual Health & Wellness Benefits Conference

Reserve your seat today for NEBGH’s most popular event – and save with exclusive pricing for 2019.  Stay tuned for more info and check out highlights from this year’s event!

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Are you and your employee benefits strategy ready for the healthcare ecosystem of the future?   

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is upending traditional models of care and motivating stakeholders to create innovative new solutions.  A healthcare system ordinarily rife with complex and slow-moving organizations and regulations is undergoing rapid change as a result of AI-powered sensors, robotics, wearable devices, smartphones and process enhancements of all kinds.

Will AI technology help deliver more personalized, convenient, cost-effective healthcare with better outcomes?  Or will bias, privacy concerns and a “creepiness factor” outweigh the benefits?

We’ll tackle these questions and more at our 9th Annual Health & Wellness Benefits Conference!

Drs. Google Nest, Amazon Alexa and Apple iWatch are ready to see your employees today…..

Don’t let your opportunity for a healthcare odyssey end up a sci-fi feature failure – register today!

Sessions include:

  • Space Age Medicine: Reshaping Our “Sick Care” System
  • Plugged In to Patients: The Hospital of the Future
  • Technology, Talent and Innovation: Health Plans at the Cutting Edge
  • Healthcare on Demand: Are Point Solutions the New Care Delivery Organizations?
  • The Devil is in the Data! Will Bias & Privacy Concerns Undermine AI Algorithms?

*We also acknowledge our community’s concern regarding in-person events and meetings. We are evaluating our upcoming events through the summer, and will be releasing more information as decisions are made. As this point in time, we are not planning to cancel any of our meetings or conferences, we are actively investigating postponement dates, virtual and/or telephonic options.