Need Help Vetting Vendors? Find Out How Other Employers Rate Them.

If you’ve ever wondered how consultants and brokers research vendors, you’re invited to take a look at Shortlister – an established platform with 500 vendors vetted across 78 benefits and HR categories.

Shortlister is launching a new offering tailored to employer needs, and inviting 10 NEBGH employers to pilot it for one year – free of charge. You’ll be able to find out how other employers rate the vendors you use or are considering, and connect with employers across the country to share information.

Featured Speaker

Joe Miller



Dr. Mark Cunningham-Hill

Medical Director

Mark is a global employee health expert known for his ability to reduce costs while creating a culture of health in which employees can actively engage in their health and achieve their “best self” at work.

Mark is president of Worldwide Health Consulting LLC, which focuses on transforming companies and delivering business growth through engaged, healthy and productive employees. Until 2017, he served as Senior Director, Global Solutions Center and Head of Occupational Medicine at Johnson & Johnson, Inc., in New Jersey. At J&J, Mark led a team of experts covering occupational medicine, health and wellness, personal energy management, EAP and mental wellbeing, and work-life effectiveness, and supported regional operational groups delivering health services to 135,000 employees in 120 companies. Prior to seven years at J&J, Mark spent 17 years at GlaxoSmithKline in both London and Philadelphia, including as Head of Global Operations, Employee Health Management. He received his MB ChB, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at Manchester University in the UK.