About Northeast Business Group on Health

Northeast Business Group on Health (NEBGH) is a nonprofit employer-led coalition of healthcare stakeholders. We represent the interests of 80 large, mostly self-insured national and global companies, the majority headquartered in or near New York City. Our employer members provide comprehensive healthcare benefits to employees and their family members, and an array of health and wellbeing programs designed to meet the needs of their diverse populations. Our members also include health systems, health insurance plans and innovators, underscoring our belief that we can best address issues and inequities in our healthcare system by working together.

Our Mission

To empower our members to drive excellence in health and achieve the highest value in healthcare delivery and the consumer experience.

The Principles We Embrace

  • We believe healthcare is a basic right and we support the goal of universal coverage through a combination of private, employer-sponsored and government-supported plans. Efforts at reform should be aimed at increasing the number of insured individuals without eroding employer-sponsored coverage.
  • We believe employers should retain autonomy – without additional government-imposed taxes or other financial burdens – to provide healthcare coverage tailored to the needs of their employees and family members. Employers provide coverage to half of all Americans, and implement valuable innovations aimed at achieving equitable access to high-quality, affordable care.
  • We believe that consumers, including employees and their family members, need to be engaged in any efforts to make major legislative and regulatory changes in the provision of healthcare services, especially those that would have the negative effects of exacerbating health inequities, inhibiting competition or reducing access.
  • We believe the cost of healthcare must reflect the value delivered; we support increased affordability through enhanced competition and new value-based approaches to reimbursement in addition to fee-for-service arrangements.
  • We believe that individuals should have timely access to meaningful and relevant information about the cost and quality of health services and medications in user-friendly formats. Requirements should be coordinated among government and regulatory bodies to avoid duplication, confusion and unnecessary burdens placed upon employers, health plans and providers.  

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