NEBGH's 2022 Annual Report

Take a look at NEBGH's 2022 Annual Report to see all we've accomplished this past year - it's thanks to YOU!

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Shari Goldfarb, Deutsche Bank

Upcoming Events

June 12
Webinar Mondays with Dr. Mark & Dr. Michael

The doctors are in! 

Dive into hot health topics with the experts and hear what you might need to do for your employees.

Every other Monday at 1 PM – it’s prescription viewing!

June 15
Annual Health & Wellness Benefits Conference, In-Person Event, NEBGH Members only All Roads Lead to Benefits: Where Work, Life, Culture and Health Intersect

Employees now expect a work environment in which employers not only support health, but also who people are holistically – their life choices, their culture and the causes they believe in.

Where are benefits heading and how do employers juggle the expectations of employees with constraints like cost, resources and C-level priorities?    

July 11
NEBGH Members only, Webinar Let’s Get Clear on Employer Fiduciary Responsibilities
Transparency rules and legislation bring once-hidden information into the open.

What actions do employers need to take?

What is DOL looking for?

Featured Event

NEBGH’s Latest Guide

Creating a Vaccination-Friendly Culture: What Employers Can Do

This guide outlines steps employers can take to support employees and their families in getting vaccinated, promoting vaccines, communicating the importance of vaccination as essential to good health and well-being, and increasing vaccination rates in employee populations and beyond.

Find out more in NEBGH’s just-released guide Creating a Vaccination-Friendly Culture: What Employers Can Do.