NEBGH Healthy People 2030 Champion

Big news! The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion has recognized NEBGH as a Healthy People 2030 Champion for our work to improve health and well-being!

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Shari Goldfarb, Deutsche Bank

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August 22
NEBGH Members only, Webinar NEBGH Medical Director’s Bi-Weekly Monday COVID-19 Update

Here’s a fast and easy way to understand what the newest info on the pandemic means for you and your employees.

From infection risk and safety measures to the outlook for vaccines and treatments, NEBGH’s medical director breaks it all down for you.

Every other Monday at 1 PM – it’s appointment viewing!

September 8
NEBGH Members only, Webinar Digital Health Tech’s Hot Summer: What’s On the Horizon?

Things have heated up in the digital health tech space, including Amazon’s acquisition of One Medical.  What should employers be thinking about now?  

  • The current landscape – new entrants, existing vendors expanding their services, vendor consolidation
  • The funding landscape has changed quickly -- what does that mean for some digital health tech solutions?
  • Health plans and digital health tech solutions – competitors, frenemies, or companions? 
  • The future of virtual primary care
  • An explosion of solutions: diabetes, mental health and musculoskeletal solutions, to name a few!
  • Amazon and One Medical – what does it mean?
  • What’s next for digital health tech?

…. And more!

September 27
NEBGH Members only, Webinar Global Benefits and Employee Wellbeing

How are employees around the world faring after nearly three years of a global pandemic?  What do we know about their health - physical, mental, emotional and financial?  What can employers do to create workplace cultures of wellbeing and facilitate access to quality healthcare for both local and expat employees?

Get insights from Cigna’s recent Global 360 Wellbeing Survey and learn from a leading employer when it comes to delivering a global approach to employee wellbeing.

Featured Event

NEBGH’s Latest Guide

Obesity, Diabetes and Racial Health Equity: What Employers Can Do

BIPOC employees are disproportionately affected by obesity and diabetes, and poor outcomes resulting from these diseases.

You can help by ensuring that all of your employees have equitable access to high-quality treatment.

Find out more in NEBGH’s just-released guide Obesity, Diabetes and Racial Health Equity:  What Employers Can Do.