NEBGH's 2023 Annual Report

Take a look at our 2023 Annual Report to see all we've accomplished this past year - it's thanks to YOU!


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"NEBGH is one stop shopping for staff education and training, with no travel required! And the relationships I've built with other members outweigh the price of membership."
Shari Goldfarb, Deutsche Bank

Upcoming Events

February 29
NEBGH Members only For Employers with a National Footprint: Navigating Complex Paid Leave Laws

Are you a benefits pro grappling with paid leave laws? Struggling to decode state and local mandates? Losing sleep over compliance?

MarshMMA's ADL team and Paramount's Leave of Absence expert guide you through current Paid Family and Medical Leave rules, upcoming changes, and real employer experiences.

Get informed, stay compliant!

March 7
In-Person Event, NEBGH Members only Next Generation Mental Health

Join us for lunch and a special screening of Angst – a film-based educational experience about anxiety for parents and families

Employers have made big investments in mental health. New tech-enabled solutions hold promise – but add yet more options.

Let’s talk about what really works – and is worth paying for – as we confront current and future mental health challenges!

March 12
NEBGH Members only, Webinar Reducing Cancer Risk and Mortality Through Nutrition and Exercise – What Employers Need to Know

Join us to learn how lifestyle can be a game-changer in preventing cancer and improving outcomes.

Hear from a leading expert about:

  1. How diet, exercise and lifestyle can be used to prevent and treat cancer
  2. Common misconceptions about the relationship between diet, exercise, and cancer prevention
  3. How employers can support healthy lifestyles, especially for patients who have been diagnosed with cancer

….. and more!

Featured Event

A Guide for Employers

Cardiovascular Disease Diabetes and Obesity in Women

This guide explores how being female impacts the incidence, prevalence and outcomes of cardiometabolic disorders.

Find out more in NEBGH’s just-released guide Cardiovascular Disease Diabetes and Obesity in Women: A Guide for Employers.