NEBGH Initiatives

Healthcare is costly and complicated. So benefits leaders face tough challenges when it comes to keeping employees well – both physically and mentally – and providing help when it’s most needed.

Our top priority is offering practical guidance on issues you tell us are at the top of your list of concerns, whether it’s how to steer employees with cancer to high-value care, how to compete with Silicon Valley-style benefits packages or whether tele-mental health services might be worth considering- to name just a few of the topics we tackle.

We also devote resources to efforts aimed at fixing healthcare. Our work with New York State on developing and implementing a new model of advanced primary care is just one example.

Take a look at what we’re up to!

Buying Cancer Care

Cancer is a major cost driver for employers and a key concern in many employee populations.

Do you know how to assess quality and value, and ensure that you and your employees are getting the best outcomes from the cancer care you purchase?

Supporting Employee Caregivers

Did you know that one in six employees is balancing work with some type of family caregiving responsibility? And the number of employee caregivers is expected to increase significantly over the next several years. Enter here, to access our free toolkit.

Tackling Chronic Conditions

Do you struggle to manage conditions like diabetes, obesity and musculoskeletal disorders in your employee population?

The New York State Advanced Primary Care Initiative

NEBGH, together with the NYS Department of Health, is leading efforts to transform primary care in the New York City metro region and the Capital District/Hudson Valley! 

Enhancing Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental health is a top concern for most of our members and an area of key focus for us. We deliver programming throughout the year on topics like dealing with substance misuse, preventing suicide and leveraging new technologies to expand mental health offerings. 

Maternity Care Quality

ExpectNY is our website that educates expectant parents about maternity care quality. It empowers them to have informed conversations with their doctors about procedures like C-sections, episiotomies and epidurals, and also provides user-friendly quality information for hospitals in NYC and Long Island.

Education, Conferences & Networking

Save tens of thousands of dollars in education and consulting fees by attending our programs – free to HR and benefits leaders from all member organizations. They’re local, so you save on travel costs too.  

Leveraging Employer Purchasing Power

You can help maximize the return on your healthcare investment by participating in our health plan user groups for Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Kaiser and UnitedHealthcare. 

Small Business Insurance Exchange

Are you a small business in the NYC metro region with one to 100 employees?  See how you can provide health insurance choice and coverage simply – with one great partner! 
“Healthcare moves so fast and is so complex that we rely on NEBGH to do what we don’t have the time or expertise to do on our own.”
Michelle Martin, CBS Corporation