Downloadable Guides

Measurement-Based Care (MBC) is an approach to mental healthcare that uses standardized tools to evaluate patients before treatment and measure their progress throughout. MBC has been proven to improve outcomes by as much as 60%!

Here’s a fact sheet for you and a checklist for your employees:

MBC Fact Sheet for Employers

MBC Checklist for your Employees

Creating a Culture of Mental Wellness

This 10-minute survey is designed to help you gauge how well your organization is doing in creating a culture of mental wellness – critical to supporting employees’ health, wellbeing and workplace satisfaction.

Employer Checklist for Tele-behavioral Health (TBH)

Use this checklist to obtain data from health plans, consultants and vendors so you can get a handle on offerings, access, outcomes and patient satisfaction. 

Digital Tools and Solutions for Mental Health: An Employer's Guide

May 2020

Find out how digital tools fit in your strategy – and how to make sure yours is right for your employee population.

Includes a deep dive on 28 tools most often used by employers! 

Benefits of Tele-behavioral Health (TBH)

Use these talking points about the benefits of tele-behavioral health in your communications with employees.