Living Among Dinosaurs – Hacking Employee Engagement

You get it: when your employees thrive, the organization does as well. But it’s not as easy as nailing great comp, getting a new company portal or adding sexy benefits.  And in many companies, the leaders say they want engagement, but can’t be bothered to understand the thoughtful work it takes, much less to do it.  Still they expect results.  Join us in this candid discussion of how to integrate engagement initiatives, and how to course-correct when you’ve run into a gutter.

  • Intro: Confessions of a 15-Year Corporate Culture Consultancy
  • The Engagement Continuum: From Human Hostile to Corporate Compassionate
  • Be Careful What You Work Towards: A Workplace Case Study
  • Engagement Hacks – Assessing Psychographics
  • Learn how to conduct a thoughtful assessment of your organization to diagnose where your best efforts should be directed

Featured Speaker:

  • Tevis Trower, Founder & CEO, Balance Integration