Get to Know – March Newsletter

What would you say has changed most about your job/industry since you first began your career? The biggest change I’ve seen over the years is the variety of benefits available. While in the past companies offered basic plans such as health and life insurance, today the offerings include wellness, family planning, child care and even pet insurance. Knowing and understanding all of these various benefits and being able to analyze and incorporate them into current programs is a challenge. Engaging employees to gain insight into which benefits are most desirable is an ongoing effort today and was previously non-existent.

Which benefit or program do you wish employees would utilize more? Of all the plans and programs we offer, I wish more employees would visit a doctor for an annual physical exam. Building a relationship with a doctor is so important and finding warning signs before the issue becomes life threatening is key to good health. We also offer wellness credits and time off to get a physical. Yet, our company statistics show that less than 30% of our entire population has an annual physical.

What book should be next on everyone’s reading list and why? I highly recommend ‘Conscious Business’ by Fred Kofman, PhD. While I have not yet finished reading the book, it is already one I think everyone should have on their reading list. It speaks to not only personal fulfillment but building respect in the community and success in the organization.

What works for you when it comes to managing stress? I would say eating chocolate but I’ve found that is not the best way to reduce stress! For stress relief my first stop is the Headspace app. Even if I only have 5-10 minutes I can listen to advice, watch a video or meditate. Another stress reliever is being physically active which is even more of a stress relief when done outdoors. I’ve been working remotely most days and just going outside to walk around the block clears my head and allows me to destress.

If you had one tip to share, what would it be? Actively listen to others. In our fast paced times many are more focused on getting their point across and not truly understanding what someone else is saying or implying. I recently did an exercise with my mentor group on constructive conversations and told them in advance I was going to present a position and they would need to respond with their opposing position. I included a sentence near the end of my 3 minute ‘talk’ that didn’t relate at all to my topic. Before I opened the floor to them I asked if anyone could tell me what my last two comments were – only one was able to repeat what I said. The rest had already been thinking about their responses and not actively listening.