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CEO's Gather in New York for the First Summit on Mental Health in the Workplace

October 29, 2015

The National Alliance on Mental Illness of New York City (NAMINYC Metro) and Northeast Business Group on Health (NEBGH) co-hosted the first-ever CEO Summit on Mental Health in the Workplace in New York City. In partnership with the Kennedy Forum, the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City and the Partnership for Workplace Mental Health, Chief Executives Officers from over a dozen companies representing several industries met to discuss how companies can foster a culture that supports the mental health of their employees.

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Patient Safety Improvements Remain Sluggish, but Some Hospitals Shine: 2015 Hospital Safety Scores Released

October 28, 2015

In New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut, grades were assigned to 290 hospitals with 96 receiving an A, the highest letter grade. Twenty-seven of those hospitals have received “Straight As” since the inception of the Score in 2012. Massachusetts had the most number of hospitals (35) receiving an A, followed by New Jersey (32), New York (25) and Connecticut (4). Among the New York State hospitals receiving an A grade, ten are located within New York City’s five boroughs.

“NEBGH applauds The Leapfrog Group in providing safety scores to the public. Transparency of hospital quality information is essential for consumers to make informed decisions of where they can receive the safest care,” said Laurel Pickering, President and CEO of Northeast Business Group on Health. “We also applaud the hospitals who work hard every day to improve care. Even though great strides have been made by so many hospitals, others have slipped or have not improved at all. For this reason, we need to be diligent in providing quality and value information to ensure accountability.”


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NEW NEBGH REPORT - Cancer and the Workplace: The Employer Perspective

October 22, 2015

This introductory report highlights the level of complexity employers face in managing their employees’ cancer-related needs, and many of the gaps employers face as they try to make sense of the landscape surrounding cancer.  Employers say they need help in evaluating the quality of cancer care their benefit dollars are purchasing, and want to be better equipped to assist employees who have been diagnosed with cancer.

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2015 eValue8 Award

September 10, 2015

Cigna has been named winner of the 2015 eValue8™ performance award for the New York-metropolitan area. This marks the fifth time in six years that Cigna has been honored with this award.

“We are very pleased to recognize Cigna for their commitment and dedication to improving the health of their members and providing outstanding health care value to employers and other purchasers in the metropolitan New York area,” said Laurel Pickering, President and CEO of NEBGH. “eValue8 results help employers and health plans work together to drive continued improvement and better value in our health care system.”

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NEBGH Plays Key Role in New York State Innovation Model (SIM) Initiative

July 7, 2015

Northeast Business Group on Health (NEBGH) is working with the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) to advance a new primary care initiative designed to transform healthcare delivery and payments throughout the state. The initiative, funded by a $100 million federal State Innovation Model (SIM) grant awarded earlier this year, includes a new advanced primary care model, value-based payments and resources for improving primary care practices, among other components. NEBGH’s role initially is to convene a series of meetings throughout the state to present the state’s plan and obtain feedback from employers, health plans, healthcare collaboratives and other stakeholders.

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New Models of Diabetes Care and Engagement Worth a Serious Look from Employers

May 14, 2015

Workplace diabetes management is ripe for innovation and there is an array of new solutions employers should consider, says a new report from Northeast Business Group on Health (NEBGH). Patient-centered medical homes, on-site clinics, near-site and convenience clinics, diabetes-oriented centers of excellence and pharmacist-led programs, often backstopped by advanced analytics and enhanced with new digital health tools, have emerged on the scene and are ready to provide improved care to people with diabetes. All have the potential to offer greater access and care coordination, more consistent patient engagement with evidence-based guideline-directed care and personalized services geared to level of need, according to the report, based on a NEBGH Solutions Center project involving work groups comprised of more than 30 executives from employers, health plans, consultancies and other organizations.