Tackling Chronic Conditions

Do you struggle to manage conditions like diabetes, obesity and musculoskeletal disorders in your employee population? Our programs, workshops and guides for employers focus on new approaches including digital solutions. 

Digital Tools and Solutions for Diabetes: An Employers Guide

November 2018

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Digital Diabetes Solutions……..

Find out how the latest digital tools can help your employees prevent and manage diabetes and associated conditions like cardiovascular disease — the leading cause of death in adults with Type 2 diabetes.

Preventing and Treating Musculoskeletal Disorders: New Strategies for Employers

September 2017

Employers can better manage the health and cost burdens of musculoskeletal disorders by implementing prevention strategies such as ergonomics training and movement-friendly workplace design, providing onsite physical therapy for those with acute or chronic pain, and paying for surgery with bundled pricing, says a new report from Northeast Business Group on Health (NEBGH). The report says workplace-generated musculoskeletal disorders are increasing because of technology, open workplace design and remote workforces, and that as a result, prevention can enhance workplace health and productivity, and an organization’s bottom line.

Digital Diabetes Solutions in Action: An Opportunity Study

April 2017

Digital diabetes management is an ongoing consideration for employers’ general diabetes management strategy. However, implementing a program to effectively realize the its full value can be a struggle. This study describes the experience of Mount Sinai and Iron Mountain implementing Livongo for Diabetes, addressing challenges such as targeted communication, developing a business case and maintain engagement. Find out how you can apply these learnings to a digital health strategy in your workplace!

Tipping the Scales on Weight Control: New Strategies for Employers

August 2016

Overweight and obesity result in high costs for employers and significant health risks for employees. Traditional wellness programs are important, but do not go far enough for employees struggling with more than a few excess pounds. This report includes first-hand case studies from benefits professionals and opinions from experts in communications, psychology and medicine, about the best approaches for successful weight control interventions. NEBGH presents a framework that will help you stratify your population and provide appropriate access to benefits and services including new digital technologies, medically-supervised weight loss, pharmacotherapy, and surgery.

Digital Diabetes Prevention and Management Solutions

March 2016

Check out our new employer guide to digital diabetes tools!  Find out how these tools can help with preventing and managing diabetes in workplace populations. The guide categorizes and highlights the features of 25 different digital diabetes tools that can help increase employee engagement.  Convenience, personalization, data collection and management, customization of rewards and incentives, coaching and social networking – find out how these tools might enhance workplace diabetes interventions.

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